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Magnificent Peru!

July 2017

When Hannah discovered that her planned trip to South America was in jeopardy, because her travelling companion could no longer travel with her, she asked me to go instead! I jumped at the chance! Three whole weeks with my daughter exploring a part of the world I’ve always wanted to go to! Wonderful.

Half the adventure was planning where we were going to go. There’s lots to see in Peru and even with three weeks there was no way we were going to do it justice. But we were going to give it our best shot!

So we booked our flights and set about planning our itinerary.

We organised part of our trip ourselves and joined a G Adventures organised trip for the remainder. Which was great fun with a brilliant group.

So where did we go?

Well, after an adventurous flight, complete with a 5 hour delay in Canada we arrived, exhauseted, in Lima. It was 5 o’clock in the morning and our taxi terrified us by taking us down deserted back streets en-route to our hotel in Miraflores! We honestly thought we were going to get attacked, as we avoided all the main roads! And felt quite sheepish when our taxi driver deposited safe and sound at our hotel!

Mirflores is a wonderful, safe place to stay. We walked miles and saw all the sites before taxiing into the centre of Lima, with its crazy traffic and endless demonstrations – a noisy, colourful place.

Having acclimatised, we joined our tour group and flew to Lake Titicaca. Feeling instantly short of breath as we descended the steps from the plane. Lake Titicaca is 3,800m above sea level and our lungs were telling us!

to be continued…